The standard range of 3rd generation cleaning machine


FANUCI laser cleaning machines with a power range of 100W MOPA, 200W MOPA, 300W MOPA, and Fiber 1000W, 1500W, 2000W are always available from stock.

Product Detail

Obraz 20
Advanced mopa laser cleaning technology is available to everyone!
The laser cleaning process involves fusing the contact area of the bonding element with the heat obtained by applying a concentrated beam of very high energy and density to the cleaning area. The single-module fiber laser source provides the device with constant, stable power and perfect beam quality. The laser power range can be adjusted according to production needs. This solution guarantees unparalleled flexibility of use and high reliability. Laser cleaning is a method that is particularly effective in multi-series production.
Industrial cleaning with mopa lasers or fiber lasers has become common because the technology is many times more efficient and useful than conventional cleaning methods previously used in production.
Compared to generally accepted conventional cleaning techniques, laser technology is a more flexible, economical and most importantly safer process, while maintaining the ergonomics of the resulting costs. Laser cleaning is versatile and can be used safely on delicate surfaces without damaging the substrate. It can effectively clean the submicron particles that are difficult to remove cleanly adsorbed on the surface of objects by other methods. Cleaning lasers combines materials of different types, thicknesses and shapes. The obtained cleaning is invisible, beautiful, fast, and the material is not deformed. No mechanical or post-processing is required after the cleaning process. Although the one-time investment in the purchase of a laser cleaning system is high, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time, with low operating costs and almost no warranty requirements.

Laser cleaners can run stably for a long time without constant maintenance. They are designed to be small and easy to move between workstations. Currently, laser cleaning technology is widely used in many industries, including the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics, aviation, energy production, sanitary equipment production, substrate production and regeneration, food processing, and well-known external service performance, etc. As technology advances, so does the range of laser cleaning applications. The 3rd generation FANUCI laser equipment has been expanded to include, among other things, cleaning and laser cutting functions The cleaner also has a WPQR TÜV Rheinland cleaning certificate

Why FANUCI laser cleaner is the best choice?


Components produced by the best producers
FANUCI laser cleaning machines are equipped only with the highest quality components that guarantee the reliability and stability of the laser cleaning process. The heart of the device is the single-module Maxphotonics or IPG fiber source. The proprietary PRO Wobble laser head with an electric lens control system (oscillation) is responsible for the highest precision of the cleaning process. The PRO LaserCLEAN control system is responsible for the stability of the entire process. The electricians Schneider, ABB, Weidmuller, Omron and the innovative cooling PRO Chiller Quang are responsible for the continuity of production.


Environmental and Health Innovation

Laser cleaning technology continues to evolve, increasing job safety and reducing the number of potential hazards. The device can be equipped with a PRO CleanAIR filtration system that automatically removes fumes and dust, making the device environmentally and operator workstation friendly. At the same time, it also prolongs the service life of the consumables used.


Top cleaning precision
The FANUCI cleaning laser is the first on the market to use the proprietary PRO Wobble head with a moving laser beam that enables the oscillation process. It is characterized above all by lightness, simple, intuitive operation, excellent quality of the obtained cleans, as well as high speed of work in the absence of post-process processing.


Excellent stability and durability
The laser cleaning technology ensures absolute process stability and quality, and guarantees the highest cleaning precision. It is currently the most popular, best and most durable cleaning solution available on the market. It perfectly replaces traditional cleaning methods, in particular in thin sheets of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel and copper and many other materials, including highly reflective ones.


Guarantee of reliability for years
Due to the high quality and reliability of the manufactured devices, the FANUCI laser cleaner has the option of implementing a full 2-3 year warranty for the entire device.

Success measured by the result of completed investments!

We kindly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the global reference list of completed installations of FANUCI laser cleaning machines. Fanuci has over 30 sales and services globally and set up over 20 service stations. You may either find our Office information close to you on our website or contact our representatives directly.

FANUCI Mopa Laser Cleaner3

Reliable components. When laser precision meets Germany finesse.

FANUCI laser welders are innovative and comprehensive devices consisting only of the best, reliable components produced by global giants. Below is a list of the basic components of the offered 3rd generation laser cleaning machine.

Components Producer Offer
Laser Source (Mopa) Maxphotonics
Laser head Fanuci PRO Wobble
Control system Fanuci PRO LaserCLEAN
Filtroventilation Fanuci PRO CleanAIR Optional
Electricity Schneider, ABB, Weidmuller, Omron
Cooling Fanuci Air Cooling

Maxphotonics laser source

Maxphotonics is currently one of the largest manufacturers of fiber laser sources in the world. Since 2004, it has produced and delivered tens of thousands of fountains, becoming one of the two most recognized and recognized companies that produce these types of solutions. The device offered uses the latest generation fiber source, protected against beam reflection. The latest model of the resonator achieves ultra-high power output, which translates into optimal performance and excellent weld quality.
Basic advantages of fiber optic technology:
technology is constantly developed and improved
low operating and maintenance costs
high efficiency and stability of the machining process
significant reduction of production costs
possibility of cleaning highly reflective materials, e.g. aluminum, copper or brass
possibility of cleaning steel in various grades and dimensions
the estimated operating time of the fiber source is approximately 100,000 man-hours
technology friendly and safe for the environment and the workplace

Less thermal damage to the material during cleaning, prolonging the life of the material   


FANUCI Mopa Laser Cleaner4

Fanuci PRO Wobble 3.0 GenX laser head with a moving beam (oscillation) system

The second, extremely important component that determines the quality and speed of cleaning is the laser head. The FANUCI welder is equipped with a proprietary, modern head with an electric moving beam system, and oscillation. It has a patented mechanism that drives the focusing lens, which allows it to automatically change its position, and thus the width of the beam. The head is cooled with water (not air!), Which allows it to work stably and without interruption. The device has a light, ergonomic design and lies securely in the operator's hands.

What does the PRO Wobble function give us?

 Faster speed and better cleaning quality
The head with a movable lens controlled automatically makes it possible to correct material imperfections. The variable size of the spot results in a much better formation of the weld, not available so far in the technology of manual laser cleaning on traditional cleaning heads available on the market
● High performance
The proprietary system allows you to weld 2-10 times faster than traditional methods available on the market, and even 2-4 times faster than competitive, standard laser welders. The FANUCI device can work continuously 24 / h
 The highest level of security
The head is equipped with protective lenses and a liquid cooling system, which guarantees optimal protection against overheating, which at the same time extends the life of the device. Fully closed, solid housing increases the safety of components, giving maximum resistance to mechanical damage

Control System Fanuci PRO LaserCLEAN 3.0 GenX

The operating system combines high performance with intuitiveness and ease of use. The control is placed on a color touch screen that allows you to set all the necessary parameters depending on the user's needs. The system allows you to remember ready programs for the given type of cleaning or materials in accordance with your own production profile. If necessary, you can turn off the Fancui Pro Wobble oscillation function from the control system and use a laser with a point or line sport. The system is operated in several languages: English, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Russian,Sabra,Polish, Chinese and others depending on end user's demand and developed in advance.

Dust Collection and Filtration System Fanuci PRO CleanAIR 3.0 GenX

The designed cleaning exhaust with a filter allows to reduce air pollution where it is generated. Purified air can return to the working space and thus you can limit the losses associated with the discharge of warm air outside the building(in the case of extractors without a filter). It is a solution that is perfect for  cleaning and filtering dry air pollutants.

Laser cleaner FANUCI FUTURA– technical parameters

Item Fanuci-100W Mopa Fanuci-200W Mopa Fanuci-500W Mopa
Laser Power 100W 200W 500W
Laser Wavelength 1064 NM 1064 NM 1064 NM
Fiber Length 5 m 5 m 10 m
Operation Model continuous/pulsed continuous/pulsed continuous/pulsed
Max. Pulsed power 1.8mj 1.8mj 50mj
Air Pressure 5-15L/min 10-15L/min 10-15L/min
Voltage 220V 220V 220V
Working distance 120-500mm(customize) 120-500mm(customize) 120-500mm(customize)
Frequency 50/60 HZ 50/60 HZ 50/60 HZ
Scan area 100*100mm(customize) 100*100mm(customize) 150*150mm(customize)
Laser Head Weight 1500g 1500g 1500g
Laser Head Operation Mode Oscillation / Spot / Line Oscillation / Spot / Line Oscillation / Spot / Line
Cooling Air Air water
Laser Control Method laser enable + security lock + foot switch
Touch Screen PLC screen and board

Laser Cleaner FANUCI FUTURA– Parameters Table

Fiber Laser Cleaning System

Power surface speed Wobble range cleaning thickness Material
100W Carbide 2pcs/min 100mm   Wire mesh
100W Oxide film 2m/min 100mm   Steel. AL etc
100W Gold plated Silver plated 3pcs/min 100mm   Teflon
100W Glitch 10m/min 100mm   Alloy
100W Oxide coating 20pcs/min 100mm   Alloy
200W Oil based metallic paint 1㎡/h 100mm 50um CS,SS,Alloy
200W Epoxy antirust paint 2㎡/h 100mm 100um CS,SS,Alloy
200W Rustiness 5㎡/h 100mm A CS,SS
200W  Heavy rust  0.5-1㎡/h  100mm D CS,SS
200W Oil 3㎡/h 100mm 10um Alloy
200W black anodized layer 3㎡/h 100mm 10um Alloy
200W Optical Coating 5㎡/h 100mm 160um Alloy
500W Epoxy antirust pain 3㎡/h 150mm 100um Alloy
500W Rustiness 10㎡/h 150mm A Steel
500W Optical Coating 7㎡/h 150mm 160um Alloy
500W Oil 7㎡/h 150mm / Alloy
500W Rubber; sulfide 7㎡/h 150mm / Alloy

Overall Dimension

Length 1183 mm 
Height  1 042 mm
Width  805 mm
Weight 350 kg

Technical Supports

✦How to operate the machine ?
We will deliver English manual and video with the machine to you. If you still need our help, please contact us.

✦Can you arrange the shipment for me ?
We can arrange the shipment for our clients by sea or by air.

✦ What about after-sales problems?
Please contact us. We will assign you after-sales personnel in the corresponding language according to your country and region.You can directly describe your problem with the after-sales personnel. Replacement and maintenance within the scope of warranty are free of charge

✦: What payment terms can you accept?
Any payment is possible for us , like TT, LC, Western Union, Paypal, E-Checking, Master Card, Cash etc.

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