How to Choose A Laser Welding Machine?

With the rapid development of the laser industry, there are various brands of laser welding machine products on the market, and the quality is uneven. When consumers buy laser welding machines, they often have no way to start. How should we choose the right laser welding machine?

When choosing a laser welding machine, we can consider the following aspects

1. Confirm whether the product is suitable for welding with a laser welding machine
When choosing a laser welding machine, we must confirm whether our products are suitable for welding with a laser welding machine. Now, most laser welding machine manufacturers provide free proofing services, and we must ask the other party to proof before buying. In order to confirm whether the laser welding machine can meet your requirements.

2. Consider the power of the laser welding machine
Laser is the core of laser equipment. The greater the power, the higher the price. Because the higher the power, the higher the requirements for the laser rod and the cooling system; under normal circumstances, the deeper the welding depth is required, the higher the power of the laser welding machine is selected accordingly.

3. Consider the corresponding configuration and use
The configuration of a laser welding machine involves many aspects. The configuration of laser welding machines for different purposes is different, such as mold welding for welding molds, jewelry welding for welding jewelry, galvanometer welding in automatic welding machines, and optical fiber transmission laser welding. Machines, etc., are equipped with different equipment, so the price is naturally different.

4. Make a reasonable choice according to budget and hobbies
Some people are more loyal to international brands, so the price will naturally be higher. Since there is no tariff issue, the price of domestic laser welding machines will be relatively low, and now domestic laser technology has reached international standards, and after-sales problems will be more timely and convenient to deal with, so it will be more secure. When we choose, we can choose according to our budget and hobbies.

Post time: Feb-24-2022


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