Laser welding has become a strong support for the automobile manufacturing industry

Laser welding machine has become one of the important equipments in my country’s industrial manufacturing industry. It has the advantages of high energy density, high welding speed, small deformation, narrow heat-affected zone, no subsequent processing, and easy control. It has been widely used in many fields, especially in the field of automobile manufacturing. The flexibility of laser welding machine satisfies the processing of various materials for automobiles, effectively reduces automobile production costs, improves production efficiency, and provides the automobile manufacturing industry. bring huge economic benefits. With the development of the laser equipment industry, laser welding machines will be more widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing in the future.
1. The laser welding process improves the overall performance of the car  
Laser welding is mainly used in the welding of automobile bodies and the welding of splicing blanks in the automobile industry. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, it is necessary to improve the body and manufacturing process, and the value of the car body accounts for about 1/5 of the total value of the car. In recent years, domestic laser welding machine manufacturers have broken the monopoly of foreign companies in this field and filled the domestic gap. After years of technical research, it has been successfully applied to a number of assembly welding production lines. The equipment has high processing accuracy and stable quality. It can automatically identify four types of vehicles, automatically grab the corresponding fixtures and call relevant programs for processing, and achieve rapid positioning of the body-in-white. Laser brazing, welding and handling industrial robot applications are integrated, and the welding speed can reach 4.8 m/min.
 Laser welding has become a strong support for the automobile manufacturing industry1

2. The laser welding machine meets the processing of various materials for automobiles  
The body and chassis of a car are composed of more than 300 kinds of parts. Using laser welding, almost all materials regardless of thickness, grade, type and grade can be welded together to make parts of various shapes, which greatly improves the design of automobiles. flexibility. The splicing of blanks is to optimize the component design on the basis of fully analyzing the body structure, so that it can be welded from a few typical blanks, which greatly reduces the number of molds, increases the utilization rate of materials, and can be used in different strength requirements. The parts of the machine are made of blank plates of different thicknesses, which can be stamped and formed at one time, which reduces the weight, improves the accuracy, greatly improves the corrosion resistance and safety performance, and greatly simplifies the body structure.

3. Laser welding machine reduces automobile production cost  
Laser welding can bring huge economic benefits to the automobile manufacturing industry, such as a large number of spot welding in body assembly, two welding heads are clamped on the edge of the workpiece for welding, the flange width needs to be 16mm, and laser welding is unilateral welding, Only 5mm is needed, and the spot welding should be laser welding, which can save 40kg of steel per vehicle. Two 0.8mm steel stampings are welded by traditional spot welding, with an average of 20 points/min and a welding distance of 25mm, that is, the speed is 0.5m/min, and the speed of laser welding can reach more than 5m/min. The use of laser welding technology not only reduces costs, but also greatly improves production efficiency.

In recent years, the development of my country’s automobile manufacturing industry has been in full swing, and the development of the automobile manufacturing industry has also stimulated the development of the laser welding machine industry, providing new business opportunities for the development of the entire industry. Domestic laser welding machine manufacturers should seize the opportunities in the new era. Development opportunities, and actively research and develop new technologies to provide better support for the automobile manufacturing industry.

Post time: May-19-2022


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