Laser welding machine will be sent to Europe(8.4)


Today 13 laser welding machines were sent to Europe. We have cooperative agents in most countries in Europe, who can provide local technical services and accessories support for customers who purchase.


Why choose a laser cleaning machine

As an emerging industrial cleaning method, laser cleaning is better than traditional cleaning, and makes up for the shortcomings of traditional cleaning, and has a wider range of applications. It can be said to be an upgraded and enhanced version of traditional cleaning, the best alternative version.

Laser cleaning uses light ablation to allow contaminants to be heated by laser energy and instantly evaporate or sublime to vaporize. As a new technology to replace traditional cleaning, laser has incomparable advantages over traditional methods: no need to use any chemicals and cleaning solutions; no photochemical reaction, no noise and no environmental pollution; no mechanical stress, zero loss of precision instruments; It does not damage the health of operators, and it is easy to realize automatic control and remote remote cleaning.
In addition to the above advantages, the most unacceptable element of laser cleaning is the price: the minimum power laser cleaning machines of well-known laser cleaning R&D manufacturers start at more than 50,000 yuan, and high-power cleaning equipment is more likely to be used. Hundreds of thousands, the most cutting-edge equipment is worth millions. As an iterative new product, on the one hand, the market has in-depth business contacts and long-term use inertia for the old cleaning method, while the familiarity and trust of laser cleaning machines are still in the process of building; The sophisticated industry cannot provide as large a coverage network as the traditional cleaning industry. In this case, the high initial investment cost is undoubtedly prohibitive.

But in fact, if we calculate the cleaning cost according to the financial cost and convert it into the annual depreciation cost, we will find that the total cost of laser cleaning is basically the purchase cost, and the subsequent use consumption is only the power supply, which can be ignored; The cost of consumables accounts for a large proportion of the cost. It can be said that as the years of use increase, the more substrates need to be cleaned and the more frequent cleaning, the higher the cost of using traditional cleaning, and the more cost-effective laser cleaning. FANUCI Laser specializes in laser cleaning business and is the leading enterprise in the domestic laser cleaning field, and has accumulated a lot of experience in laser cleaning.

With the rapid development of the laser cleaning industry, I believe that it will be familiar and accepted by the market in the next few years and become the most efficient cleaning method to replace traditional cleaning!


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Post time: Aug-04-2022


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