Laser Welding Machines Will Be Sent To South America and Europe


Today we shipped one South American and two European equipment, the European order came from a new customer.




How to choose the right laser welding machine?

1. Consider the laser welding power

It is the core of laser equipment, the higher the power, the higher the price. Because the higher the power, the higher the requirements for the equipped laser and cooling system. Generally, the deeper the welding depth, the greater the power of the laser welding machine. If your product needs to be welded to a deeper depth, the technicians at Laser Enterprise will assign you the appropriate laser welding power to achieve perfect welding results. The price of a high-power laser welding machine will be higher than that of a low-power laser welding machine.

2. Consider the corresponding configuration and use

The configuration of the laser welding machine involves many aspects, and the configuration of the laser welding machine for different purposes is different, such as the mold welding of the welding mold.
The laser generator is the core of the laser equipment. Generally speaking, the higher the power of the laser welding machine, the deeper the welding depth, and the higher the price. For example: if the welding depth is required to be 0.5mm-3mm, then a 1000W laser welding machine can meet the demand.
But it should be noted that if it is penetration welding or spot welding, you can choose a 1000W laser welding machine; if it is continuous welding, it is better to use a higher power laser. It is more appropriate to choose a 1500W or 2000W laser welding machine.

3.After-sales service of laser welding machine

The quality of after-sales service of laser welding machine manufacturers is a problem that many consumers are very concerned about, because after the welding equipment is purchased, it needs to be debugged, laid out and configured according to the actual production situation. If there is any problem with the follow-up equipment or the need to replace the parts, the manufacturer should be contacted in time for processing.
FANUCI has more than 20 after-sales and service centers around the world, and our after-sales services have covered most of the countries in Europe. The local service centers also have their own, fully equipped warehouses where all necessary service and operating parts are stored, which enables us to Ability to optimize the process of service activities to a minimum. We make every effort to ensure that service requests are continuously monitored and implemented no more than 48 hours after receipt of them. All service requests are automatically checked and remotely diagnosed.

If the configuration cannot be confirmed, you can contact us for proofing to determine the appropriate configuration.Before purchasing, FANUCI can send samples to customers to confirm whether the laser welding machine can meet the needs of customers.

FANUCI laser welding machines are designed with many advantages and features. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jul-14-2022


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